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About Us

Two years ago two guys got together and started Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop & Lounge with the intention of helping people find a safer alternative to smoking. Their business flourished due to their passion for the vaping industry and helping save lives within their community.

Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop & Lounge’s name grew throughout the United States as one of the top premium shops to go to. It literally became a destination shop for vapers to come to while in Orlando, Florida to find top quality 100% USA made products.

They started getting so popular that the word about our business traveled overseas to China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Kuwait as one of the best companies to buy 100% USA made products. Their integrity and character reflected in each of their business deals overseas helped them create a solid distribution channel so they decided to start a whole new business called Fast Eddie’s Vape Distribution LLC to help bring back America’s luster in exporting American made products throughout the world.